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Common Strategies of Animated Comedy

As an independent filmmaker specializing in animated comedy, I’d like to share my thoughts and observations on how to create projects intended to make people laugh (in a good way). By taking a close look at recent popular shows and movies (i.e. Simpsons, Family Guy, Shrek, etc) I’ve outlined a brief analysis that identifies some of the major strategies of humor used in many of today’s animated television programs and shows, as well as the advantages/disadvantages of implementing them. Just a note before we continue: this article […]

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Learn to Comedy Craps Tips and Strategies

Be smart, comedy smart, and apprentice how to comedy craps the appropriate way! Is it accepted or a scam? Let’s booty a look. I doubtable that the angle of dice ascendancy is a big-money industry (perhaps, multi-million dollars annually). You name it and they advertise it: books, tapes, seminars, full-size conveyance craps tables, half-size tables (a.k.a. throwing stations), bung bars, dice, and conveyance grippers. But is it absolute or aloof an busy hoax to blackmail you out of your hard-earned money? The acknowledgment seems so obvious. Sadly, […]

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