Being a Comedian

Improve Comedy for Speakers

Public speaking. For some, the mere thought of getting up in front of a group of people and presenting […]

Telling Jokes

Comedy Mastery By Louis And Copeland

The Art of Being Funny

Lighten Things Up With Retirement Jokes

Most people approach retirement in a gloomy countenance. They approach it as if it is a surrender to the hands fate and debilitation of the body. So it is important that one will help them realize that it is something to be accepted since it is an inevitable stage in one’s life. But how can one do that? It’s simple: poke fun at retirement. Retirement jokes, like ones said on speeches are popular. Speeches tend to become emotional that it hinges every one in the room in […]

Fact Is Funnier Than Comedy

When I need a chuckle, I try to watch a sitcom or read the funnies. When my need for comedy is greater, then I invest my time in watching a complete movie. But when nothing but the funniest will do, I just observe the so-called real world around me. The fact that this is really happening makes all the weird stuff all the more funny. To begin with, one tends to have a basic expectation of common sense from people. But the word common is misleading, as […]

The Three Stooges Classic Comedy Icons

Ahhhh…The Three Stooges…Classic slapstick comedy and an American tradition. Who hasn’t seen a Stooge classic film short? But, who were these men who brought their caustic brand of physical comedy into our living rooms and theaters? We all know them as Curly, Larry and Moe, but when they first started in1922 they were with a vaudeville act called Ted Healy and his Stooges (which was originally called Ted Healy and his Southern Gentlemen). The ensemble consisted of Ted Healy, brothers Harry Moses Howard (Moe), Samuel Howard (Shemp) […]

Learn to Comedy Craps Tips and Strategies

Be smart, comedy smart, and apprentice how to comedy craps the appropriate way! Is it accepted or a scam? Let’s booty a look. I doubtable that the angle of dice ascendancy is a big-money industry (perhaps, multi-million dollars annually). You name it and they advertise it: books, tapes, seminars, full-size conveyance craps tables, half-size tables (a.k.a. throwing stations), bung bars, dice, and conveyance grippers. But is it absolute or aloof an busy hoax to blackmail you out of your hard-earned money? The acknowledgment seems so obvious. Sadly, […]